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Strategies to convert leads in a shifting market

As we enter the second half of the year, how does one get leads to convert in a shifting market? The key is to focus on the relationships with your current client base, past and future clients.

Relationships can keep business flowing no matter what’s happening in the market. Engaged conversation leads to closings, so here are four pieces of advice on how to make that happen:

Create a plan.

It’s time to create a plan for on-going communication with everyone who knows you. This means cleaning up and organizing your database to keep track of all your old and new customers, while preparing for your future ones. By being organized, you can learn all of the important information about your leads to see if they’re qualified leads. Then, you’ll be ready for either more nurturing (marketing qualified leads) or the ask (sales qualified leads).

Create content that builds trust and raises curiosity.

Your social media content should build trust by setting expectations, and then fulfilling them via automation. If your lead trusts you, there’s only a ‘when’ not an ‘if’ to when the lead will convert. Furthermore, your messaging should leave leads with a feeling of curiosity so they continue to come back. Your content must pull in the potential customer. 

Perform long-term nurturing that goes beyond typical listing alerts and price change alerts.

This means reaching out to leads through different platforms and personalizing how you talk and what you talk about with each potential customer. SMS, DMs, and email all bring great results. With these three ways of contacting leads, it works best to automate your messages based on the information you’ve already gathered about them. Every message should steer the lead back to the road to conversion. 

Email will help you gather more data. You’ll can see what gets them to click and open a specific email, and that data can be used to nurture your leads even more. 

Focus on the right segments of your market (first time buyers, step-up buyers, corporate relocation.) To do this, you should understand the different buyers you have. In real estate, you’ll always have groups wanting to buy. For example:

  • First-time buyers – they’re tired of renting.
  • Step-up buyers – they need a bigger home and have to sell to buy.
  • Corporate relocation – they don’t have a choice, they have to move. 

Getting your leads to convert in a shifting market is both a creative and data-driven process. Eventually, you’ll develop a system that can be implemented and followed for every client. By doing this, you’ll save yourself a huge amount of time, and see an enormous difference in the rate of how quickly your leads convert. 

Dan Stewart is CEO of Happy Grasshopper.

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