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Should you use ChatGPT in your real estate business?

Save time using ChatGPT for listing descriptions, social posts and email marketing.

If you’ve been online recently, then you’ve likely heard of ChatGPT and the sensational storm it is causing everyone. It’s a tale as old as time — will technology replace me? Of course, in real estate, this tool can be a powerful, time-saving marketing tool to use in your business.

The AI-powered language tool was launched in November 2022 by OpenAI. Since it’s launch, ChatGPT has been adopted into several industries, especially those that rely on writing. 

The reviews are mixed on whether or not the creation of ChatGPT is a good thing or a bad thing at the end of the day. Those opposed dislike the lack of critical thinking daily tasks require. Those cheering on the bot are thrilled that their time can be freed up by a machine. Either way, as a real estate agent, you can harness the power of ChatGPT to improve your business. 

Once you are logged into ChatGPT, it’s free, you can ask the language tool anything, that includes time-consuming tasks for your business, such as creating templated letters for buyers and sellers or producing listing descriptions. When you aren’t bogged down in lead generation, website maintenance or content creation, you can spend more time closing deals. 

Write listing descriptions

Type in, “Write a property description for…” followed by the address of the property you are listing. That is all you’ll need to say for ChatGPT to get to work. It will quickly find the property’s information online and write a listing description for you. 

Be sure to double-check the facts — a homeowner could have made a change to the home that isn’t documented online — and continue to share listing descriptions with your sellers before going live with the information. 

Email marketing magic

Type in, “Write a short email about the [insert your city] housing market.” ChatGPT will craft an email that can be sent to your entire contact list. The information will be up-to-date, easily readable and grammatically correct. 

You should always review and edit what ChatGPT writes to give it your own personal flair and to ensure accuracy. There are instances where the tool gives outdated or incorrect information. But, the hard work will be done and that is lead generation, made simple. 

Generate content ideas

Not every real estate agent got into the business to be a content creator, but now, online is where homebuyers and sellers will find you. A unique online presence, or brand, will make you stand out amongst the competition. If you are having trouble coming up with social media posts, just ask ChatGPT. 

Type in, “Give me a list of social media posts for real estate agents,” and the bot will create a list of content you can create. You can even get specific about the social platform that you are using. If you need YouTube videos, ChatGPT will generate long-form video ideas. If you need Instagram posts, ChatGPT will create images or short-form video-based ideas. 

Digital assistants and artificial intelligence are becoming deeply ingrained in our culture, so why not make them a part of your business culture?

With ChatGPT handling the writing you may not enjoy, you get to focus on the elements of your job that are consumer focused. Get more face-to-face time while ChatGPT writes your emails. Show listings, create homebuyer seminars and participate in team-building activities so you can hand the automation to the AI.