Selling to Gen Z – what you need to know

A couple of decades ago, the idea of kids owning houses would have raised a few eyebrows; today, not so much.  Gen Zers register far less restraint than preceding generations and it shows in their thirst for home ownership. Granted there are far fewer of them on the charts right now, but the indications are strong.

In fact, as early as 2026, the number of Gen Z homeowners could be totaling 29 million. It’s easy to think that selling to Gen Z is as simple as closing any other home sale. And you’re not exactly off the mark.

However, different age demographics have varying tastes in houses, and effectively working with them goes beyond just what you learned in real estate school. If you want to keep up with the tidal wave of the younger generation that is rolling through the industry and becoming proud owners of real estate, here’s what you need to know.

Gen Z’s Oldest Members are 24 and Starting to Buy Homes. Here’s What You Need to Know to Communicate with Them Effectively

a. Gen Zers are a Whole Different Breed

Gen Z is starkly different from the generations preceding them. We are talking about an age of people who were born right in the eye of technological and social advancement. They’re sensitive and socially aware. This may require you to alter your approach given their taste for doing everything through a phone or the computer.

b. They Value Transparency

Everyone appreciates the value of transparency when conducting business. Otherwise, how else can you meet your client’s expectations? But with Gen Z, it’s more. If the internet brought people closer, and social media did so much more. It provided a platform where people can showcase bits of their lives and Gen Z is stuck on that. They expect as much transparency from a Realtor as they would from their social media stars and celebrities.

c. Be Tech Savvy

One way to reach out effectively to Gen Zers is by being tech-savvy. If you want to sell units to Gen Z, you have to be on the one place they look for solutions to problems – the internet. Specifically social media. That’s the medium they’ll use to access listings and reach out to agents.

You can’t afford to miss out on this if you’re really serious about selling to Gen Z.

d. Make Technology Part of the Deal

Technology isn’t a luxury for Gen Z. It’s a necessity. The chances of having a successful sale are higher when the unit you’re selling is retrofitted with technological amenities. So, when you’re telling them about a house, make sure its technological properties are one of the major highlights.

e. Be Friendly

One of the outcomes of growing in an internet-based, technological society as we have now is a slight cutback from strict formal protocols. Gen Z seems to have little regard for formality, possibly why most of them are more comfortable with remote work than office jobs. That said, coming off as strict and formal in your communication to Gen Zers would most likely be a bad idea. As a Realtor, it’s important to build trust with your clients, as that can help you make sales. Previous generations may be comfortable with a formal approach as that portrays professionalism. It’s not that way for Gen Z. They’d rather take someone who can be friendly and professional than someone who comes off as stern.

f. Inclusivity

This may not have struck a chord with previous generations, but Gen Z is very particular about this. With distant locations being bridged by the internet, different ethnicities and races have blended into each other. They value this connection and diversity, and it carries on to every aspect of their interactions. They tend to work more with businesses that are inclusive. To access them, you don’t just need to reflect your value for diversity in your marketing alone, but also in the way you deal with clients.

g. Be Available

Gen Z is not big on delayed communication. This is the generation of instant gratification. To them, meaningful conversations and relationships can be built online just as they can be built offline. So, if you’re aiming to have a productive experience with them, being available by text is likely a great way to keep those lines of communication open. Make them feel that you’ve got their back whenever they have doubts, questions, or inquiries. Effective communication is always a dual-link, so make sure you’re communicating as openly and swiftly with them as they are with you.

Realtors who are already accustomed to selling to Millennials will find Gen Z to be nothing more than a bit of an upgrade. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to know more about them as they’re projected to take over real estate ownership in a couple of years.

Chris Heller is a real estate industry expert, best-selling author and currently serves as the chief real estate officer at Ojo Labs.