Top Real Estate Mobile Apps Every Agent and Broker Should Have In 2018

With our flourishing technology, mobile apps have risen to meet up with our needs. As a real estate professional, to be successful in handling deals, you must assess everything from top to bottom—managing emails, organizing contacts, and even finding the property. Here are some mobile apps that can help you in your business—and most of them are free for Android and iOs.

Finding Leads


RPR Mobile (Realtors® Property Resource). Using this app can help Realtors® and brokers search forproperties that are both on and off the market and learn more about the market activity in a certain place. It lets you upload reports for your clients to view. This app also offers mapping tools to enhance your search for properties.


LinkedIn. Advertise yourself as a professional real estate agent. On LinkedIn, users can manage connections with coworkers and friends. As these connections increase, your profile will become more popular. Hence, making it more convenient for potential clients to find you.


Property Location

Getting lost in an unfamiliar place is a common occurrence. When guiding clients to a specific property or finding a certain property yourself, the following apps will be very useful.

Whether you drive, taking a bus or train, or simply walking to your destination, Google Maps will indicate the routes to get there depending on the transportation type.

If you want to get there by driving, it would be wise to use Waze. This app will tell users where to go turn by turn with live traffic streaming. It also shows drivers the quickest routes so that you can get to your destination in no time.

Creating and Managing Documents

Realtors are bombarded every day with paperwork. Evernote is an app that allows users to take notes and arrange them according to your desire. You can take notes in different types of file format, clip web articles, scan and attach files. Evernote has a friendly interface for users to organize notes, to-do lists, etc. With the fact that users can access it using any device, Evernote makes note-taking a lot easier.

Google Drive, on the other hand, is a great online storage for all your files. Here, anyone can create an online document (text document, spreadsheet, presentation) and share it with others. You can store your data and files about properties. Another option is to save it to Dropbox where your files will be uploaded to the cloud and will become accessible anywhere. In Dropbox, you may create folders especially arranged for your clients and collaborators, and this can be opened on any device.

When it comes to transferring files, SHAREit is the app for this. Need a document signed? DocuSign can save the day! You can upload a document and have it signed by multiple parties, even if your clients are all in the same place at the same time. After doing so, you can upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox. have this option called Real Estate where you’ll have to pay a certain amount to obtain it.


Tracking Expenses

When handling money without tracking expenses, money will just slide out of your wallet before you know it. That’s when Expensify comes in. This app manages expenses by letting users take snapshots of receipts, and the app automatically records all of it.

If you want to keep more track of your expenses, then I’d recommend Monefy. This is a money manager app that efficiently keeps track of user’s expenses and shows it in a detailed chart. Tracking expenses will not be successful without Unit Converter (for Android users) and Vert S (for iOs users). This app allows users to convert all world currencies with just one click. Unit Converter has a mathematical and financial calculator built in it for convenience.

Handling Ads

In creating ads, it’s important to properly showcase the property for viewers to see. Magic Plan helps users create floor plans quickly and share it with others.

Let’s say you want to create a video or a photo montage of your property, then Video Editor by Inshot Inc. is the right one for the task. You may edit the video using a variety of filters, effects and themes. After creating the video, it’s easy to share it with anyone or anywhere. With over 50 million downloads, this is a popular go-to app when it comes to video editing.

Author Bio

Dan Boyle is a  real estate agent in Marco Island Florida, specializing in waterfront and beachfront property. He is the team leader of The Boyle Team and has authored several in-depth guides to buying Florida real estate and second homes.