RE/MAX broker Traci Nicodemus on partnering with an independent mortgage broker

Today’s RealTrending is a episode discussing partnering with an independent mortgage broker. Traci Nicodemus, owner of RE/MAX Cross Country Advantage Legacy and Trinity in Texas discusses mortgage brokerage partnership dynamic, how it’s working for her firm and the importance of partnering with someone who shares you values.

Here is a small preview of today’s interview with Traci. The transcript below has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Tracey Velt: We’re to take a step back and look at that real estate mortgage broker partnership dynamic. How do you say it works and what are some of the key benefits that you’re seeing?

Traci Nicodemus: It really becomes a partnership. You need someone who mirrors your vision, mirrors your ethics, and has the same vision for the future. And that person truly becomes a partner with your brokerage.

One of the benefits that I have found in my personal business, because I’ve sold real estate for a lot of years, is you have the opportunity to provide better service. The communication lines are open.

So when you have an independent mortgage broker who is in relationship with your brokerage, you can provide that channel of communication that meets the need of the consumer regardless whether it’s time to buy or refi or even look at investments. We try to find people who have that same philosophy. And then we create the relationship through co-branding, which broadens the net for everyone. We can also participate jointly in client appreciation, which is always a good option for both the mortgage side and the real estate side.

There’s a lot of benefits that you can have in any partnership and I just think when you have the person who is the lending side and the real estate side, there’s so many parallels in how we service that I think it’s just a good relationship.

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