Plunk, join forces on AI-powered remodel advice

The companies are leveraging AI to provide homeowners with advice on optimizing the value of their homes

Plunk, an AI-powered real-time analytics platform for residential real estate, has partnered with, a next-generation platform dedicated to homeowner management, to offer AI-driven remodel advice to homeowners.

“With Plunk, we are able to empower homeowners with data-driven financial guidance to increase the values of their homes over time,” Dustin Gray, CEO and founder of Milestones, said. “Plunk Remodel Value and Project Recommendations provide transparency into the best home improvement projects that can increase a home’s value and help clients reach their home’s maximum potential worth.”

Plunk’s real-time home analytics platform, which covers over 104 million homes nationwide, will leverage the power of AI technology to provide homeowners with advice on optimizing the value of their homes.

“Milestones has built a unique way for real estate professionals to stay highly engaged with clients across the entire homeownership journey through their Homeowner Management System,” stated David Bluhm, president and co-founder of Plunk. “Now clients can easily gain access to real-time valuation and remodel analysis regarding their largest investment.”

Milestones integrated Plunk Remodel Value and Project Recommendations into their Homeowner Management System through this partnership. Plunk Remodel Value assesses the anticipated value of a home after a full-scale renovation, while Project Recommendations categorize renovation projects based on their estimated value addition to a specific home.

The partnership between Plunk and Milestones was prompted, at least in part, by rising interest rates and the aging housing market, which indicate a burgeoning remodeling market, the companies said in a press release.

“Where interest rates are today, most people are staying put and trying to make their home more livable. With this AI-powered enhancement, we can give our clients and agent partners even more tools to help manage their home and understand the ROI on remodel projects,” said Trent Annicharico, CRO of Town Square Mortgage. “It helps position our team as a strategic advisor for all things home so we can continue to get repeat and referral business, while driving near-term HELOCs or other cash-out options.”

According to the latest data from the American Community Survey (ACS), the median age of owner-occupied homes is 40 years. Older properties require new amenities such as larger living spaces, modernized kitchens, and home offices.

A study conducted by Plunk revealed that $289 billion in property value, with an average of $240,000 per home, remains untapped through home renovations across the 1.1 million Seattle-area homes analyzed.

Co-founded by Brian Lent and David Bluhm, Plunk is the first AI-powered and real-time home analytics platform that leverages next-generation applications of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and image analysis to revolutionize the way homeowners, real estate professionals, and investors value and invest in residential real estate. is dedicated to helping real estate industry professionals break free from the transaction mindset by focusing on Homeowner Management. The integrated and open platform creates private client portals to stay connected and deliver ongoing personalized value — regardless of whether customers are buying, moving, owning, or selling.

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