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Network your way to becoming a top real estate agent

Join as many professional groups as you can to meet people in the real estate industry and in ancillary businesses.

Want to build a strong foundation for success? It’s all about the networking, especially during the first one to three years of your career. And, that networking should be active and non-stop. You need to be present, ask for networking opportunities and then work those opportunities once you get them.

Here are four tips that helped me build a strong base of clients and potential clients, and become the No. 8 independent agent in New York state by sales volume in the most recent RealTrends rankings, selling $144,113,875.00 in volume.

Get in the room

Don’t wait to be invited to a party, event or industry gathering. You have to get in the room. If you’re not invited, ask another person that’s invited if you can be their guest. If that doesn’t work, volunteer to check coats at the event or help with the guest list at the door. You need to invite yourself and then work the room once you get inside. If you get into an event, and there’s not a seat at the table you want to be at, go get a seat and put it there. Or go find another table, fill it with seats, and invite people to join you.

Do the work that successful real estate professionals don’t want to do

It’s important to shadow and learn from successful real estate professionals. Offer to do the tasks that top agents don’t want to do anymore. In Manhattan, many top agents don’t want to show walkup apartments or find rentals for their billionaire client’s grandson who’s going to school in NYC. Do the smaller jobs, and do them well. The clients will remember that you did a great job and may refer business to you in the future. It’s all about building your contacts and sphere of influence.

Join groups and organizations about which you’re passionate

You must live and breathe real estate. If you’re not engaged in the practice and presence of real estate and talking to people face-to-face, then you are not doing this job. I found tremendous success by aligning myself with organizations that resonate with me. Join groups, associations and non-profit organizations that you’re passionate about and build your network with like-minded individuals.

Build relationships within the industry

Network to develop a strong client list but also network with people in the real estate industry at large, such as architects, interior designers, manufacturers, construction companies and general contractors. Your clients will need these professionals at some point, and it’s good to have them on speed dial. You should have a built-in network of contacts you can serve your clients quickly and efficiently.

Finally, every time you meet someone new, ask them if they know anyone who wants to buy, sell or rent a home. If they don’t know someone at the moment, ask if they could do you the favor of remembering to let you know if that changes in the future. Asking for the business works!

Stan Ponte is a Senior Global Real Estate Advisor and Associate Broker with Sotheby’s International Realty – East Side Manhattan Brokerage.

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