MooveGuru wants to make to take concierge services next-level

Atlanta proptech company MooveGuru has launched “YourHomeHub,” a new platform that provides relocating consumers with agent-branded savings from local and national retailers and service providers.

“This is a great tool for brokers, because we connect with most CRMs and transaction management platforms and it’s branded throughout the whole company,” says President Kathleen Kuhn in an interview with RealTrends. “It also allows brokers to promote ancillary services, such as lending, title or insurance, and gives agents an opportunity to reconnect with clients who bought a home several years ago.”

YourHomeHub expands MooveGuru’s moving concierge platform and HomeKeepr professional referral brand, which provides access to local, agent-referred contractors.

“Our new ‘everything home’ platform allows homeowners to manage the relocation process, including utility connections and home maintenance and repairs,” Kuhn says. “Our team in Atlanta will walk the consumer through local providers who can meet their needs, make the connections and set up the appointments, saving them hours on the phone.”

YourHomeHub also offers an online source for current homeowners to handle the financial details and physical elements of their properties, opening the door to data analytics that help agents stay in touch with past clients, adds Kuhn.

A national network

Since its launch in 2016, MooveGuru has built a national network of more than 350,000 local home professionals, all referred by real estate agents. Today, more than 2,000 brokerages, 316,000 agents, and millions of homeowners are connected to the MooveGuru and YourHomeHub platforms. Kuhn says the company plans to convert its HomeKeepr users to YourHomeHub, and will also be selling franchises to offer YourHomeHub to brokers and agents in designated territories.

MooveGuru now has exclusives with ERA Real Estate, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, EXIT Realty, Realty Executives, Vylla, and HomeScout. More than 110,000 Keller Williams agents are on the network. Additionally, MooveGuru has preferred vendor relationships with REMAX and Berkshire Hathaway.

Agent-branded features

One of MooveGuru’s key features is the ability to deliver agent-branded communications to the client, timed in cadence with the move. “Our platform provides visibility into consumer behaviors,” Kuhn adds. “Agents can see what emails have gone out and been opened, as well as the offers that consumers have used. It provides a homeowner dashboard for agents to follow a move.”

Once a broker signs up for the platform, MooveGuru handles the onboarding and training process for the agents, along with connections to the CRMs and transaction management systems. Agents have the option of a free subscription to utilize the platform or upgrade to a paid subscription with additional benefits for $49.95 a month.

Kuhn says the upgraded version provides agent exclusivity. “If an agent invites a contact and the consumer accepts that invitation, that contact is locked down to that agent. All the communications notifications, maintenance reminders, and discounts come from the agent.” The upgrade also includes 104 blog posts a year with home-related content created by MooveGuru.

The upgraded version also allows agents to add local vendors in their spheres. “That’s really helpful for the real estate professional who understands the marketplace, knows the best home professionals and can recommend them an ongoing basis,” Kuhn says.

The MooveGuru platform also incorporates data analytics to provide alerts for agents that an owner may be getting ready to sell. “Online activities like checking interest rates, recently sold properties or pre-sale checklists are scored,” Kuhn says. “Once a particular score is reached, agents are notified that this is a good time to reach out to the consumer in their sphere of influence.”