Innovators and Followers

For 31 years, REAL Trends has given our best efforts to becoming the Trusted Source in the residential real estate industry. Along the way, our team has learned to bring new, innovative services and tools to our friends and clients. In fact, we were the first to publish a real estate industry trends report, rank brokerage firms with verified information to qualify and create verified rankings for top agents and teams.

Various firms have tried to copy some of our work in areas such as in the Gathering of Eagles conference, or brokerage rankings or in the book Game Changers. One firm even mimicked our trademarked name, REAL Trends, in their marketing efforts.

Our response has always been to improve what we do for our friends and clients and not pay too much attention to the imitators. We will let our work speak for itself. We choose to be the kind or company and team of people who lead and constantly innovate.

We are also the kind of company that will not use your company’s information or that of your agents without your permission. We understand the importance of confidentiality with all of our publication work, rankings and our consulting practice. It’s a practice we follow for all of our services, including mergers and acquisitions. We are the only firm qualified by the federal government as Industry Expert Witnesses and have been employed by the National Association of Realtors, the Canadian Competition Bureau and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in various national anti-trust cases.

Nothing is more important than continuing to be faithful to our business ethics. You will never see an asterisk by our data.

That is part of our promise to be The Trusted Source.

You have our word.

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