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How to create efficiencies and reduce operating costs at Gathering of Eagles 2023

You don't need to nickle and dime your business

Most brokers already took at least one pass at reducing operating costs as soon as the market slowed down. But, there may be more work to do. There are investments in technology solutions, layoffs, cost-cutting strategies and saving for the future, all battling for a spot in this year’s budget. Learn to tackle the big budget questions at Gathering of Eagles 2023. Use the link above to register today and return to the office with a plan for operational efficiency and profitability. One expert in the space, Phil Price, will give you the strategies you need to get there. He’ll talk specifics about the biggest moves he’s taken to reduce costs.

Phil Price is the chief financial officer at Smith and Associates Real Estate. He will be on stage for the session, “A Fresh Look at Containing Operating Costs,” on Monday, June 19. 

Joining Price on stage will be Jenni Barnett, chief financial officer and chief operating officer at Parks-Village Real Estate and Michelle Ressler, chief financial officer at The Real Brokerage. Tracey Velt, senior director of data and content at HW Media, is moderating the discussion.  

Price lead teams in both title and mortgage. And, he has been a leader in accounting and finance, information technology and operational compliance. Outside of his day-to-day work, Price can be found as a chairman of the board for Central FICPA Political Action Council and The Studio @ 620. When he isn’t pioneering financial and operational policies at work, he’s cheering on his Florida State University football team. 

To register for Gathering of Eagles 2023, click here. And, don’t forget to register for the charity golf tournament! Enjoying a round on the green among colleagues is a great networking opportunity at GOE. This conference is the must-attend event of 2023 for real estate presidents, senior leaders, and broker-owners. Price will be taking the stage along with other housing industry leaders like David Lykken, Rory Golod and others.