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Home features the next generation of buyers want in 2023

Step aside walk-in closet, backyards are moving into the limelight

According to a recent Zillow report, the new generation of homeowners — those under the age of 40 — are having their say to the most important home features of 2023. 

In years past, listing agents have emphasized chef’s kitchens, walk-in closets and open-concept living spaces. These features used to be the hallmark of a desirable home. Now, there are new home features that buyers are looking for. And some, are a blast from the past. 

Outdoor spaces are an absolute must! According to Zillow, “Backyards are mentioned 22% more often in for-sale listings compared to last year. Patios (13%) and pools (11%) have also seen a boost in listing mentions.” 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been getting outside more and appreciating their outdoor spaces. So, when listing your new property, don’t forget to rant and rave about that outdoor entertaining space, patio, spacious yard or pool. 

Kitchen islands are also a key home feature in 2023. Islands are multi-functional, contain ample storage space and can be transformed into a breakfast bar when need be. Plus, in 2023 Zillow reports that the trend in pops of color or changing materials on a kitchen island will increase in popularity. Already there was a 19% increase in listings mention of kitchen islands. 

Old school designs are coming back around

Certain home layouts, like private rooms and cordoned-off living spaces, have fallen by the wayside in recent years. But, the demise of open-concept living has begun. Zillow reports that 7% of listings included the mention of ‘private spaces.’ Especially in the new age of working from home and an increase in kids’ ability to learn remotely, everyone needs their privacy. 

Another blast from the past, mirrored walls and ceilings, are likely to be a big player in 2023. These features appear 12% more often in Zillow listings. If the property you are listing has one of these funky, vintage features, don’t be afraid to add it to the listing description. The right buyer will love the old-school design. 

No matter what prominent designs or unique features your new listing has, be prepared to promote the property to the next generation of buyers. In 2023, these tech-focused and environmentally-aware buyers will be looking for the features that set a property apart from the rest. 

Happy listing!