ERA King’s Anna-Marie Ellison on investing in agents

Anna-Marie Ellison and ERA King Real Estate saw 41% growth between 2017-2021 by transaction side percentage to be named a 2022 RealTrends GameChanger.

Every year, RealTrends chooses GameChangers based on five-year, transaction side percentage data from the RealTrends 500. This year, we chose seven independent brokerage firms and 10 franchises who grew their businesses at astronomical rates.

In analyzing this list of top-growth brokerages, these GameChangers grew their brokers in multiple different ways — from mergers and acquisitions to recruiting and coaching and retention.

As managing partner for ERA King Real Estate in Anniston, Alabama, Anna-Marie Ellison brought about 41% growth between 2017-2021 by transaction side percentage to be named a 2022 RealTrends GameChanger.

RealTrends spoke with Anna-Marie about the growth of her brokerage:

Tracey Velt: What was your biggest aha moment or lessons learned while building your firm?

Anna-Marie Ellison: I wouldn’t say it’s an “aha,” but continuing to see the return on investing in the agents who have already committed to our company is very rewarding. 

Tracey Velt: In the past five years, what percentage of your growth was organic and what percentage was mergers and acquisitions?

Anna-Marie Ellison: Most of our growth has come from continuing to invest in our agents and pour into them. Our broker team commits countless hours a month to training, coaching, and holding agents accountable to their goals. Their hard-work and discipline to execute our plan is why we have seen the increase in our per-person productivity and overall company growth.

Tracey Velt: Moving forward, what is your main focus for growth?

Anna-Marie Ellison: Securing listings is our plan for continued growth. Our listing count over the past five years has remained consistent (within 10-15 properties.) Like Billy Bean, getting agents on listing appointments is what will drive our growth in the coming years. Broker team, agent support team, marketing team, business development team — everyone is focused on getting agents at the kitchen table talking with sellers.

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