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Christine Hansen on attracting top talent to your real estate firm

Christine Hansen, broker-owner of C21 Hansen Realty, shares how she made the shift from recruiting to attracting new agents.

Rather than focus on price and technology, many brokerages have moved to attracting talent based on their value proposition, culture and the “feel” of the brokerage.

Christine Hansen is one broker-owner who shifted her message years ago and has found success. She will be speaking on the panel, “The Law of Attraction,” at this year’s RealTrends Gathering of Eagles in Austin, Texas.

Joining her on this power-packed panel is Natalie Hamrick, executive vice president of the Americas for Christie’s International Realty, Brian Boero, co-founder of 1000Watt and Mark Johnson, co-founder of CoRecruit. Each has a story to share about the message they offer and the shift from recruiting to attracting. It’s a can’t-miss panel of power players.

Below, Hansen, who is with Century 21 Hansen Realty, offers her insight on talent attraction. This Q&A gives a sneak peek into what the panel will tackle at Gathering of Eagles. 

RealTrends: Where do brokers and managers often go wrong when it comes to attracting top talent? 

Christine Hansen: Where I see people mostly go wrong is [they don’t] have a clear and concise vision for who and what they want. [Also, they don’t have] the systems in place that will attract those people to them. Therefore, they end up having unnecessary pressure on them to hire almost anyone. 

RT: What practices or initiatives you have at Century 21 Hansen Realty that you think have been key to attracting top talent? 

CH: One of the key things we do is incentivize our agents. Our agents are out in the field. They know the type of Realtors they’re working with, and they know the culture within our office. So, they’re really one of our key ingredients in being able to attract top talent. We’ve shifted our focus to honing in on our value proposition, not just price or technology. Agents want to know how it “feels” to be a part of our firm.

RT: What are the qualities or skills that you look for in new talent? Or, how would you describe the modern, top agent now? 

CH: I would describe top talent as someone who is looking for a career — not just in it for the money — and someone who has pride in what they do. They take the time to really listen to the needs of their customers and clients, and they focus on fulfilling those needs. I am so excited to chat more about this topic at Gathering of Eagles in Austin, Texas!

To register for Gathering of Eagles 2023, click here. HW+ members receive special deals on conference registrations. And, don’t forget to lock in the exclusive Gathering of Eagles room rate by May 16th. This conference is the must-attend event of 2023 for real estate presidents, senior leaders, and broker-owners. Hansen will be taking the stage along with other housing industry leaders like Jason Riverio, Miles Nadal and others.

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