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Chime Technologies integrates ChatGPT into platform

Chime Technologies, a real estate tech innovator based in Phoenix, Arizona, has recently integrated ChatGPT functionality into its platform to streamline content creation for real estate marketing and communications. This integration marks a significant step towards enhancing the platform’s generative AI capabilities.

Chime has been using Google’s machine learning algorithm to power its intuitive chatbot AI Assistant for the past five years. With the addition of ChatGPT, Chime aims to boost efficiency and productivity for real estate agents by automating content generation, idea generation, and content editing processes.

The key features of the new ChatGPT functionality include auto-generated content for individual and mass communications via email and text, as well as for marketing communications such as blogs and social media posts. The platform also offers a library of templated, popular prompts, and the flexibility to create bespoke prompts based on specific customer needs.

By integrating ChatGPT, Chime aims to address the time pressures faced by real estate agents in identifying, nurturing, and converting leads. The AI-driven content creation helps agents focus on providing a more personalized and human touch in the real estate process. It ensures that agents can engage their database with relevant and meaningful content, ultimately fueling the pipeline with sales-ready leads.

This content was generated using AI and was edited by HousingWire’s editors.

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