Anywhere’s Liz Gehringer on easing the transaction for the consumer

Today’s RealTrending features Liz Gehringer, president and CEO of Anywhere Franchise Brands. Liz talks about new trends in consumer behavior, how real estate leaders can innovate to create efficiencies in the transaction and how she’s working to build collaboration between all of the Anywhere brands for maximum returns.

Here is a small preview of today’s interview with Liz. The transcript below has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Tracey Velt: I find that every leader has some sort of “Aha!” moment. What is that kind of moment where you realized, “I have to switch gears, I have to do something differently. I have to be creative to grow,” or something. Whether personally or for the company. What was that for you?

Liz Gehringer: It happens over and over again. One point that really stands out for me, is that I asked my supervisor at the time to give me something that was on his plate. And I got this incredible assignment to work with our top luxury agents across brands, actually. It was eye opening to spend time with these top agents who deal with high net worth and to be with a specialty versus all this broad work I do. It was really great to focus. What an incredible perspective shift to pick a different audience and get to understand it.

So, I got to spend time with the agents. They’re so direct and demanding in the very best way, they just tell you what they need. They treat the customers with the utmost everything, but they will be so direct with you, which is so incredibly helpful. I got that assignment by asking; even though it made my own plate get completely overwhelmed. So that was a real evolution. For me, it got me new work, it got me a totally new mindset, and it forced my own hand to let go of work.

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