5 ways to find leads in a shifting market

Whether you’re working with buyers or sellers, there are more opportunities than ever to add value and empower clients in today’s market.

One of the beliefs that successful agents must embrace is that every market offers opportunities if you know where to look. Over the past couple of years, many agents have been holding on for dear life with multiple offers and lightning-fast turnaround times. Now, high home prices and rising interest rates are putting a damper on some markets, making it difficult to know exactly what to expect next.

As you prepare for the shifting market and anticipate the next stage of its development, it’s important to think about those who’ve recently been left out of the market and who may have been biding their time until things felt more settled.

Here are some potential resources to help you connect with both buyers and sellers in your market, as well as other agents who can become part of your professional community.

Content marketing

What people need now more than ever is information. If you haven’t already gone all-in on creating content for your brand, this is your time. From blog posts to podcasts, YouTube to TikTok, it’s time to start putting together meaningful value-added content that informs and engages the buyers and sellers who just don’t know what to do next.

Remember, your authenticity and expertise are the most important elements to bring to your content. You don’t have to be an award-winning actress or a tech wizard to put together helpful information that answers questions.

Speak from the heart and use the conversations you’re having every day as a guide to developing your content calendar.

Event marketing

As communities go back to business as usual, we see the return of fairs, festivals, carnivals, road races, and other community-centered events. Make sure that you’re at the center of the action as a sponsor, volunteer and good neighbor.

In addition, share your participation on social media before, during and after the event so that you can position yourself as an active and engaged member of the community.

Influencer marketing

If you’ve already built a large following with your content on social media and online, continue to expand your impact by expanding your audience.

Amplify your voice and leverage your influence by seeking out media opportunities as a contributing writer, media resource, or keynote speaker. Start training younger agents or coaching established agents to expand your industry impact even more.

Turn your high profile into a role as a team leader or become a broker-owner and use your contacts to build your brokerage.

Affiliated market expansion

You’ve established yourself in your current market, but what’s next? Think about other markets where you may want to serve.

These could include popular relocation centers, smaller secondary markets in your own state, markets in neighboring states, or popular resort areas near yours. Pursue dual licensure, partner with a well-qualified agent and build an expansion team, or develop a robust referral network – the possibilities are endless for connecting with new markets to expand your influence.

Referral services

One of the biggest trends of the pandemic has been what’s sometimes called The Great Reshuffling where work from home and affordability issues have driven people to move to new markets, often across the country. That means they need the help of a well-qualified buyer agent in their new market – and you’re just the one to make the introduction.

Tap into your professional network and make yourself a valuable resource for those who are relocating long distances. Add this service to your website and to your marketing materials, so that everyone knows that you’re the one to contact when they’re looking for a well-qualified real estate professional.

In addition, find out which markets newcomers in your town are arriving from and connect with referring agents in that market. Emphasize your ability to provide virtual tours and comprehensive relocation services to their long-distance clients.

Finding leads is all about seeking out new ways to serve, both with colleagues within the industry and with potential clients. The great thing about all of these strategies is that they build on each other, allowing you to continue to scale up your business for years to come – no matter where the market goes next.

Malte Kramer is the CEO and founder of Luxury Presence.