3 ways to show buyers and sellers gratitude

In this new video series, Rogers Healy, the owner and CEO of Texas-based Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, will offer his perspective of the state of the real estate market and how real estate agents can find opportunity and fine-tune their business and marketing plans.

Here, he shares three ways to show buyers and seller gratitude this holiday season.

I’m going to show you three ways to show clients that we are grateful for them.

Number one, your time.

The most precious gift on planet Earth. The one thing we cannot replace is our time. When you are with your clients, your prospects, your friends, please be present. We live and die by our cell phones. We swipe nonstop. Put it in your pocket, put it upside down, and be present.

Number two is giving your clients the gift of trust.

Know what you’re doing, be prepared. Be a student. Never, ever, ever. Stop learning, and that’s how you get referrals.

Number three, the greatest gift you can give anybody that you represent is the gift of a closed deal.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Do your homework, do your research, and be prepared to actually get the deal done.

Happy Thanksgiving. We’re grateful for y’all. Cheers to a great, great week.