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3 things to remember when the housing market gets tough

In this new video series, Rogers Healy, the owner and CEO of Texas-based Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, will offer his perspective of the state of the real estate market and how real estate agents can find opportunity and fine-tune their business and marketing plans.

The market has changed ladies and gentlemen! There’s no end in sight as it continues to change and evolve. Throughout my time as a real estate agent and a broker, I have seen first hand exactly what it takes to get through these tough times in the market.

I want to share three things to keep in mind as the real estate market continues to elevate and evolve.

  1. Real estate professionals must be willing to spend money when no one else is. That means marketing, client appreciation, prospecting. The old school stuff will always work, especially right now when things are changing. People want familiarity and comfort during their home buying and/or selling process.
  2. Make sure you learn about different markets. A lot of us the last few years had to spend our time exploring new market pockets surrounding the cities that we are most acquainted with. I’m talking about pocket communities surrounding cities like Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. They are high-growth cities with tons of movement and growth happening outside of the peripheral — the unexplored suburbs. I encourage you to go learn those markets as quickly as you can, because these cities are growing in all different directions. You may just find a pocket you can own.
  3. Be everywhere. Our job in sales is to be unavoidable. Right? And now you have an opportunity to do that to scale. Be a walking billboard for your business, or take a pro tip from me and actually utilize billboards. Take the time to get in front of as many people as possible, every single day — online, but more importantly, in person.