10 Tips for Becoming An Instagram Real Estate Influencer

When it comes to real estate marketing, people usually think about traditional yet modern strategies. However, here you will know about the opportunities that a real estate agent can have for marketing their business on Social Media, especially Instagram.How to Become a Real Estate Agent on Instagram? 10 Pro Tips

 Due to its ever-changing features and emergence of new professionals, Instagram sometimes gets challenging and overwhelming. Keep on reading the following pro tips which will make the process a piece of cake for you.

So, How to Become a Real Estate Agent on Instagram?

Here are 10 pro tips every real estate professional should know if they want to expand their business to Instagram.

1. Organize Strategies.

Content planning based on your goals is a crucial feature of Instagram marketing. You should post neither beautiful pictures of houses and decorations only nor advertising for more sales only. You should be so creative that combining both groups of posts or balancing them is no challenge to you. 

2. Make an Attractive Profile.

Switch your account to business from ‘Setting’ and you will be able to access the analytics of your page and plan according to them. Moreover, as your contact information will appear in bio, it gets easier for the clients-to-be to get in touch with you. Furthermore, you should choose a short and memorable username with keywords associated with your business. Needless to say that a professional profile logo is impressive too. You can choose an Instagram theme of colors which tells that you are professional and that you care about your business and clients’ satisfaction.

Writing an Instagram bio is different from writing a website or blog bio in the sense that it should be concise due to word limits. Professionally describe who you are and what services you provide. In addition, add your own hashtag to your bio. So, you will get UGC with your own hashtag from your followers.

Add your website link to your bio to lead your followers there to both grow your traffic and change them to clients. Instagram allows only one link in bio. So, if you want to share more than one link, you can use the AI tools that give you a link in which your other links are put. As a result, when someone clicks on it, they will be directed to a page where all your links are available.


3. Find Influencers.

Find the relevant influencers and track them to see whether their followers might be possible future clients for you. If you are high on budget, you can think big but if you are not, you can still count on micro-influencers. In fact, what matters here is the relevance and not the quantity. You may collaborate with an influencer with 500k followers and get one-third of your collaboration with an influencer with 50k followers. In addition, you can see how they use Instagram features or how they treat their followers and set it as a model for you. 

4. Use Instagram AI Tools and Apps.

To increase the number of your followers and engagement through shortcuts, you can use the apps and tools available. Stay away from the apps that give you fake followers through bots because the Instagram algorithm does not allow bot activity anymore. So, get real free Instagram followers and likes from reliable apps.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags.

You can use up to 10 hashtags in each story and up to 30 in each post. If you choose the hashtags wisely, you will get the chance of promoting your account through hashtag channels. For example, if you use sports or beauty related hashtags, you are going the wrong way because your posts may not be interesting to those who are looking for sports or beauty related content. On the other hand, if you use hashtags that are used millions of times, you get your post or story buried among the huge volume of coming content with the same hashtag. Find a hashtag for your keyword that is used between 10k to 50k times. 

6. Post Regularly.

Add different photos of the same house you want to sell or repost related content of the same people in the industry; e.g. interior designers. Moreover, you can post informative and educational content like the rate of house sales contracts this year compared to last year in your country. In addition, you can add some designs and make an infographic post with Canva or AdobeSpark. Furthermore, you can write tips to offer your clients with catchy designs and lively pictures from your stock, Unsplash, and Burst by Shopify. 


Share posts/stories about your brand, background, team, success stories, etc. They will give your account a credit and also trigger UGC by the clients who have an account on Instagram and will deliver good engagement to your page. 



You can also choose different subjects, e.g. the FAQs of selling/buying a house with you, to talk about on Lives once a week or as many as you think.

If posting regularly is challenging for you, you can let apps like AiSchedul do the scheduling for you and post on your desired time. 

7. Turn Your Website Visitors into Instagram Followers.

Inform your website visitors about your account on Instagram. Simply adding your account to the social media section of your website is not enough. Use banners or perhaps a simple section with a text box where you can emphasize on the more informative structure of your Instagram account. 

8. Build Partnerships.

From interior designers to photographers can be good choices for partnership. Find them, follow them, and start interacting with their content by liking, commenting, sharing, and reposting. This is beneficial because you can have resources for your clients if, for example, they need to refurbish the house you are selling to them. 

9. Promote Posts.

The promotion feature shows your post to a larger group of audience and you get higher reach. Instagram paid carousel ads can vary in number from 2 to 10 pictures or videos. It is practically useful as it allows for sharing several photos of a listing. Other tools of the carousel ad are adding headline and description to the image of each card, call-to-action, and URL. It is almost like Facebook ads. In addition, by connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook page, you can make an Instagram ad campaign. In the campaign, you can specify your ideal lead which means setting parameters, e.g. age, gender, location, interests, demographics, etc., for your campaign audience. 


10. Check Your Analytics.

Checking and analyzing your analytics gives you a better insight into your followers’ feedback. You can compare your engagement in different periods. It not only helps you to know your followers’ interests better but also will be a guideline to set out your future strategies.  


With the growth of technology and social media, businesses should adapt and update themselves to the new conditions. Their social media marketing strategies may take longer to succeed but it is perhaps the only way for their survival in the era of technology. 

Parichehr Parsi has long been writing SEO-friendly articles and blog posts in the fields of travel, social media marketing, and journalism. Her academic background is English literature and she loves writing novels. Currently, she is working for SocialPros, which is an Instagram marketing website for professionals.