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10 Instagram stories every real estate agent should post

Instagram Stories are a fun, alternative method of sharing real estate-related content that can actually help engage your audience. 

Not only do Instagram stories show up at the top of your followers’ feeds, if you’re consistent and keep your viewers engaged, but you’ll also continue to be pushed to the front of the line for IG stories.

Here are 10 Instagram Story ideas to capture attention in ways that your regular posts won’t.

1. Q&A Sticker

The question sticker allows you to ask your audience a question and receive open-ended responses. Alternatively, you can use it to initiate an “Ask me Anything” session and answer questions people may have about you or the real estate industry. You can then use those responses to share another Story for everyone to view.

2. Pop Quiz

Use the quiz feature to quiz your audience’s knowledge of the real estate market. You can provide up to four possible choices but only one correct answer, and it will be viewable by participants immediately after guessing. Then, follow up your quiz by sharing a valuable lesson regarding home buying, selling and investing. The sky is the limit.

3. Daily Routine

Share some videos of a day in your life as a real estate agent to build a more intimate and authentic relationship with your audience.

4. Share a Story

Seems fitting to share a story on your Instagram story, right? Record a video of yourself sharing a real-life experience you think will be entertaining, educational, or inspirational. Maybe it’s a crazy event that happened at an open house or maybe an emotional moment at the closing table.

5. Tag your Location and spotlight local spots

Stories allow you to tag a location, which will be viewable by anyone searching the location on the app but the great thing about being in real estate is that people look to you as the digital mayor of your neighborhood. Show them where the best place is to grab a burger or ice cream.

6. Home Feature Using Polls

Polls are likely to get you a lot more engagement than most features and they’re fun to participate in for everyone involved. Polls can be just for fun or to gain valuable feedback. Realtors see good results when they do this or that feature and compare different home styles. A great example of this is an all-white kitchen versus pops of color. 

7. Share Posts/Reels

This one is the easiest to execute. Promote all of your posts and Reels to your Story. It’s a great way to bring attention to your most recent post.

8. Mini Tutorial

Use your Story to share a quick tutorial. This could be a simple home update tutorial like changing the garbage disposal. Simple tips and tutorials that set you up as the expert in homes!

9. Countdown for a listing

The countdown sticker allows you to add a timed countdown to a specific event in your Story. This is great for promoting your next listing or open house. Your followers can then turn on reminders and share to their Story as well. 

10. Sneak Peek for an upcoming listing

Another good use for Stories is to share an exclusive sneak peek of an upcoming listing to get people excited. Tell them to swipe up if they like what they see and then you can follow up with them once the listing is live! 

Instagram stories are the best place to nurture your audience. This is where your warm leads are. They’re already following you, so there’s no hard selling. Show off your expertise with tutorials, local hotspots around town, upcoming listings and real estate-related education.

Katelyn Rhodes is the CEO and founder of enfluence Marketing Studio and a social media queen.