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10 Activities agents should be doing today

Yes, the market shifted a little. As you’re settling into your new normal, you’re likely finding yourself with a little more time – time that you should commit to spending working on your business (and yourself) instead of in your business.

Since we’re headed toward a seasonal shift as well, with kiddos heading back to school, the days starting to get shorter, and vacation season coming to an abrupt end, this is the perfect time to tackle some tasks, restart some habits, and decide what you want your real estate business to look like going forward.

Here are 10 things to do now to set the pace for a consistent, productive rest of your year:

1. Complete a 100 Touch Challenge

Commit a block of time where you connect with 100 people who you know. While catching up, set an appointment or invite them to an upcoming party or event. This challenge is easier than you think, and should take you less than two hours. You can reach out in a variety of ways, such as texts, direct messages on social media (DMs), phone calls, emails, etc.

Be sure to note who replies and update your CRM as you go!

2. Add 10 people to your e-newsletter list and CRM database.

The people you add may be those you met at an open house, on floor duty, or just going about your day. Don’t have an e-newsletter or CRM? This is your sign to get one.

3. Write five reviews for businesses and professionals that you have personally used.

Review on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or the site that the business owner prefers.

4. Ask five people who love and appreciate you to review you and write a testimonial.

Reach out and ask people in your database if they will review you. Then, send them link to your Google Business, Yelp, or other testimonial and review platform. Create a graphic with their quote and post it on your social channels.

5. Attend one professional networking event.

Check out your state and local Association of Realtors events, neighborhood groups, Chamber of Commerce event, a Business Networking International (BNI) meeting, etc. Find them using

6. Create 10 email templates to streamline your client communications.

Whether you use Google gmail or an alternative email platform, dig in and do some dirty work now to save you tons of time later. Think about those emails that you tend to write over and over — or that you’re constantly hunting in your sent box for — so that you can copy and paste and create a library of frequently sent messages. It’s a game-changer.

7. Flip your inbox: unsubscribe from at least five e-newsletters that don’t deliver value.

Don’t be afraid to hurt people’s feeling, you’re the boss of your inbox. However, RealTrends Daily is a keeper!

8. Bookmark your company’s resources .

Do you have a dashboard, toolbox, a calendar, platforms that you use (or should use) on a consistent basis? Bookmark them in your browser to save time!

9. Add blocks and save the dates to your calendar for your brokerage’s ongoing meetings, classes and events.

These opportunities are part of what you’re paying for through your desk fees and splits. Make sure to prioritize them and squeeze every bit out of those dollars! Also, add any other dates that you need to remember, as well as any repeating events in your life that you want to save time for. Don’t forget your own self-care. Book a massage each month, schedule your twice-a-year dentist appointments, etc.

10. Try a new time-blocking strategy or recommit to yours.

Time blocking allows you to focus on your priorities without distractions. Don’t know where to start? Check out Ninja’s Timeblocking Strategy

These are just a few of the activities you can do during a lull in real estate activity. It will set you up for success and likely give you a business boost no matter what the market.

Stacie Staub is founder and CEO of West + Main Homes in Colorado.