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The 2013 Online Performance Study is a comprehensive look inside the online, mobile and lead related analytics of a residential real estate brokerage. Data is collected from real estate firms through a telephone survey and via Google Analytics. The study examines the following key areas and many more:

- Top referral sources of traffic to real estate websites

- Historical traffic patterns

- Housing Sales in correlation with Web Traffic

- Mobile traffic composition and habits

- Lead sources 

- Search engine optimization evaluation

- Mobile app metrics

- Online lead conversion rates

- E-team composition and lead response times

and many more!

Also in the 2013 Online Performance Study - REAL Trends has established a numeric ranking systems with multiple data points to establish the most effective websites in the residential real estate industry. This sophisticated ranking is applied to all companies that participate in the study, however only the top 15 websites will be published in the report. 

The 2013 Online Performance Study only $59.

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Brokerage Performance Report Only $99

Brokerage Performance Report Only $99

    The 2012 REAL Trends Broker Performance Report, which has data for calendar years 2010 and 2011, is available for sale.  We believe this report to be the most detailed study of its kind ever assembled for the residential real estate industry. This study is offered as a benchmarking tool for broker-owners and executives looking for data on how residential brokerage offices are run. We have taken great care to ensure that the information contained in this study is reliable and verifiable. The data was independently and voluntarily supplied by over sixty residential brokerage firms (who will received one complimentary copy of this report), with our research being conducted between February and April of 2012 and based upon 2011 and 2010 results. All information collected was treated with utmost confidentially. No individual company results will be given nor will we reveal the names of any of the firms that participated. We received valid surveys from firms found throughout the United States and Canada, ranging in size from single-office companies to some of the largest brokerages in North America. The companies in this study closed over 200,000 transaction sides combined; over 25,000 sales professionals in over 650 real estate offices are represented in this research. We are extraordinarily thankful and grateful to the firms that participated by sharing their information. We trust that you will enjoy examining this research and find it to be an indispensable resource as you make hiring and compensation decisions. For those seeking more detail specifically on compensation, we encourage you to explore the 2011 REAL Trends Broker Compensation Report, which details the pay and benefits for nine key positions within a residential brokerage company. ..

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REAL Trends Broker Compensation Study

REAL Trends Broker Compensation Study

The 2011 REAL Trends Compensation Report is a comprehensive study of nine key positions found in residential real estate brokerages: Branch Manager, Regional Manager, President/CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information/Technology Officer, Marketing Director, Relocation Director, Training/Education Director, and Recruiting Director.  We compiled data in early 2011 from over 100 residential brokerage firms of all sizes across the country (representing nearly 1,000 total entries) in order to create this report.  Each position has detailed information (means, medians, and ranges, for example) on salaries, specific benefits, and a host of other questions relevant to the position and the person in place there (the average survey has about 25 points of information per position). For the Branch Manager category we received over 600 office entries which allowed us to complete regional analyses as well as breakdowns of averages by various office sizes.  This section also includes a descriptive summary of the various compensation plans in the survey, as described by the participants. The final report has numerous tables comparing and contrasting the points of data collected as well as commentary and analysis from REAL Trends so that this study can be effectively used by broker/owners and executives of firms of all sizes to benchmark and better manage their key positions.  This is the most detailed and thorough analysis of its kind available for the industry. ..

$99.00 Ex Tax: $99.00