Work with independent mortgage brokers

In a study conducted by United Wholesale Mortgage, 90% of real estate agents who worked with an independent mortgage broker would recommend one to their buyers in the future.

Gathering of Eagles

The Gathering of Eagles conference is the Trusted Source, offering brokers, managers and leaders valuable insider industry information on how to run a profitable business.

RealTrending: eXp’s Glenn Sanford

Glenn Sanford, CEO of eXp World holdings, addresses his critics about his agent referral program, where he is taking the company next and growth limiters for the brokerage.


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Tech Round Up: REAL Trends Weekly Update on Real Estate Technology Products

Update on Real Estate Technology Products

REAL Trends editors receive dozens of emails a day touting new or improved real estate technology platforms, products, and services. Each week, we’ll put together a round-up of these developments.

  • App Offering Agents as Experts. RealtyBaron launched its Real Estate Answers app for iPhone devices. Without revealing a consumer’s identity, Real Estate Answers instantly broadcasts questions to a pool of local real estate experts eager to offer their expertise and local knowledge. Answers are pushed to the consumer’s device as soon as they are received. The app is available now for free download on iOSand Android devices.
  •  Personalized Mortgage Loan Info. LoanSnap, Inc. launched the world’s first smart loan technology. Until now, mortgage companies have lacked the data and technology needed to offer a sound financial choice to families. Rather than push the same mortgage every other lender offers, LoanSnap analyzes a customer’s financial situation in seconds and shows simple ways to benefit from a smarter loan.
  • Automated Marketing with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Creel Information Technology, Inc (CREELliT), Inc., a digital marketing platform solutions provider, launched a new platform Amarki for enterprise real estate brokers and franchises. The program offers product features that incorporate automated marketing with artificial intelligence. Automated marketing systems are generally triggered around property events. The artificial intelligence component connects existing applications and dynamically pulls data onto a real estate professional’s desktop. Using that data, Amarki crafts marketing materials for email and social media campaigns on behalf of the agent in a matter of minutes.
  • Cloud-based Connections to Investors. Real estate software company, W+R Studios, announced the addition of a new feature in Cloud CMA called Cloud Investor Connect. This will allow Cloud CMA subscribers to send information on qualifying homes to an investor with the intent of receiving a cash offer to present to home sellers. The investor will be represented by the participating agents, and investors will not contact home sellers directly. The feature will first be introduced to Cloud CMA subscribers in the Southern California market. W+R Studios will also be publishing the “Cloud Investor Connect API”, which will give potential investors an easy way to participate in the program.

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