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Coldwell Banker Picks College Basketball Tournament Winners Based On Real Estate Market Intelligence

Hooptown Bracketology takes a “shot” at determining who would win this year’s Men’s College Basketball Tournament if big data and housing stats, not game stats, competed.

This March, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC is bringing a new level of madness to tournament brackets. While others will be agonizing over hours of game footage, obsessively checking the Vegas odds and compulsively looking at sports stats, Coldwell Banker® will be using real estate data to fill out their tournament brackets, publishing them on March 13 and calling it Hooptown Bracketology.

“Watching the Tournament and filling out brackets is an annual event in homes across the country. This year we decided to have some fun when filling out our own brackets and test the power of real estate data and our tool, CBx. The Newest Hooptown bracket looks strong this year but we’ll have to watch this year’s games to see which bracket gets to cut down the nets in San Antonio.”

– Charlie Young, president and CEO, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

Hooptown Bracketology leverages a proprietary tool developed by Coldwell Banker called CBx to compare real estate data from each school’s hometown – or “Hooptown” – to select predicted winners of each game. The brand will fill out five different Hooptown brackets: Most Expensive, Most Affordable, Easiest to Move to, Newest and Best for Singles.

The five predicted winners are below. To see each winner’s road to victory, check out

  1. Most Expensive Hooptown: Long Island University-BrooklynBrooklyn, N.Y.
    Play well in the Tournament, sign with the NBA and you might be able to score a home in these Most Expensive Hooptowns. The winning school in this bracket is from the Hooptown with the highest average residential home sales price based on 2017 annual data.
  2. Most Affordable Hooptown: University of Oklahoma: Norman, Okla.
    Tournament tickets aren’t cheap. Save on your mortgage and splurge on the games with these Most Affordable Hooptowns. The winning school in this bracket is from the Hooptown with the lowest average residential home sales price based on 2017 annual data.
  3. Easiest Hooptown to Move to: Loyola University ChicagoChicago, Ill.
    Making it to the Tournament doesn’t come easy, but moving to these Hooptowns does. The winning school in this bracket is from the Hooptown with the most listings on the market as of February 13, 2018.
  4. Newest Hooptown: Duke UniversityDurham, N.C.
    It’s time for the freshmen to have their shining moment just like these New Hooptowns. The winning school in this bracket is from the Hooptown with the newest homes based on the average build-year as of October 2017.
  5. Best Hooptown for Singles: University of Michigan: Ann Arbor, Mich.
    Looking for love and basketball isn’t always easy. Luckily, these Hooptowns have plenty of single adults so you’ll have lots of shots to find love. The winning school in this bracket is from the Hooptown with the highest percentage of single adults.

Hooptown Bracketology comes on the heels of the recently launched Coldwell Banker “Hoops” spot. The “Hoops” ad will air throughout the Tournament both online and on TV. “Hoops” can be viewed here.

Hooptown Bracketology is powered by CBx, the proprietary app from Coldwell Banker. The CBx app allows Coldwell Banker agents to harness big data to analyze markets and target buyers.

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