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RealTrending: eXp’s Glenn Sanford

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Innovative Real Estate Agent Shares His Strategies for Getting Instagram Followers

Follow these tips to gain more real estate followers on your Instagram account. This real estate professional did it and show you how.

One year ago, I had just a couple hundred followers on my Instagram. Today, I have nearly 1,000. This jump may not be astronomical, but it’s certainly noteworthy, especially because developing my Instagram (IG) account was just one of many of my priorities. In this post, I’d like to share my strategies for adding followers on IG in a step-by-step fashion. As many agents know, followers on IG aren’t just ornamental; more followers means more potential referrals and consequently more revenue. Overall, the one common denominator underlying all the steps I took was effort. Developing your IG takes quite a bit of work, it’s not something through which you can coast or take a shortcut.

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Here are the strategies I used for building up my Instagram followership:


Beginning in early 2019, I made a focused effort to post high-quality video content of various styles and themes. For instance, some of my videos were exterior and interior shots of current listings—these were meant to give potential clients a neat way to see the details of a given listing. I also produced a number of comical videos which added a lighter tone to my account. The real estate industry can be a fairly competitive, intense industry, so posting at least a few humorous videos can be a good way to stand out and attract new followers.

Just Sold

Another strategy I used was creating posts which featured recently sold listings. I used a well-known graphic design website called canva.com to create my posts. Canva.com is a highly useful resource of IG post creation as it has a huge collection of IG post templates which you can use to create an attractive, eye-catching post. I used many templates to showcase different homes I sold during the year. This was one way I showcased my successes and built credibility. If a potential client strolls onto my IG account, there’s a good chance he or she will notice my successes and see I’m a go-getter.

Interacting with Users

Another way that I increased my followership on IG was interacting with users. This meant combing through IG for other real estate agents and brokers in my area, “liking” their content, and following their accounts. Occasionally, I liked and followed agents and brokers from other areas too. Often, these agents and brokers would reciprocate and become followers of my account. Not only did this strategy increase my followership, it also put me in a great position for referrals. Suppose an agent in my area can’t take on a particular transaction for whatever reason, or an out-of-state agent has a referral. I’m now in a prime position to generate more business directly through my IG contacts.


This strategy applies to all the individual strategies I’ve listed. The important thing which all real estate professionals have to keep in mind is that developing your IG account requires consistency. You need to make a commitment to growing your followership, and this involves regularly creating content and interacting with the IG community.

The only reason I was able to grow my followership is because I consistently implemented the strategies I mentioned above. None of these strategies can be successful with minimal effort; but, if you put in the work, there’s a good chance that you’ll start to see results. There are agents and brokers on IG with 10,000+ followers. I’m a bit off from that territory, but if I continue to consistently develop my IG I may be able to count myself among that crowd at some point in the future.

Image credit: Adam E. Cobb


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Adam E. Cobb is a real estate professional with Windermere Real Estate in Edmonds, Washington.

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