2018 Frequently Asked Questions

Deadline to Apply

March 31, 2018

Cost to Apply

$100 per person or per team

Release Date

2018 Thousand rankings will be released Friday, June 29, 2018. America’s Best will release on Tuesday, July 10, 2018. Both can be found on www.realtrends.com once available.

Qualifications to Apply

An individual must have closed 50 transaction sides or $20 million in closed sales volume for the prior year. A team must have closed 75 transaction sides or $30 million in closed sales volume for the prior year.

Whats Included in the numbers?

Only closed, residential transactions. Commercial sales and leases/rentals should not be included.

What are the rules for new development and mixed-use sales?

If a commercial property is bought to be turned into residential, it cannot be counted. The sale will later be counted when the newly developed residential deal sells. Mixed use, must only count the portion that is residential.

Definition of an Individual

An agent who works alone, under a brokerage company, does not share transactions or commissions with other Buyer or Seller agents on their transactions and who may employ unlicensed or licensed, non-selling administrative staff is an INDIVIDUAL AGENT.

Definition of a Team

All others will be considered TEAMS for purposes of our study.

REAL Trends will no longer produce a special report for top agents and teams by average sales price.

Additional information regarding teams

REAL Trends no longer allows an individual within a team to break out their individual production and submit that way. If you are in a team, you will have to submit as a team regardless and 2) When a Team and a Brokerage are owned by the same person(s) the Team production must be filed separately. Those in the Top 20 will be required to show your tax return/GCI as well as the entire brokerage’s tax return/GCI. They cannot be the same.

What is the thousand?

This ranking, which is advertised in The Wall Street Journal, is a ranking of all agents across the U.S. and is broken down into four categories ranking the top 250 individuals by transaction sides, individuals by sales volume, teams by transaction sides, and teams by sales volume.

What is america's best?

Any agent that submits to our ranking, meets the minimum qualifications, and provides verification will be ranked on America’s Best via their state and metropolitan statistical area. America’s Best developed as the result of agents and consumers requesting more localized rankings. America’s Best is separate from The Thousand, even though it’s comprised from the same application pool, and is not associated with The Wall Street Journal.

What verification is acceptable?

We accept any of the following four types of verification: Verification from the local or state Realtor® association which the sales professional or sales team has a membership, a signed letter from the broker/owner (Note: broker/owners cannot sign off on their own submissions), copy of 1099 or business tax return for 2016, OR the national network which the sales professional or sales team has its affiliation. The top 20 may be required to submit an additional, second form of verification.

Last year I only saw 250 names on The Thousand, why aren’t there 1,000?

The Thousand is made up of the top 250 in each of the four categories (individuals by sides, individuals by sales volume, teams by sides, teams by sales volume) to equal 1,000 total in the rankings. The list posted online is the complete rankings.

I paid, will I automatically be on the rankings?

No, the $100 application fee goes towards administrative costs and does not guarantee you will make the rankings. An application with your production numbers must be submitted along with 3rd party verification to be included. Failure to submit verification will automatically disqualify you from the rankings.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email, what should I do?

Please contact Doniece Welch at REAL Trends ([email protected] or 303-741-1000) as your application may not have gone through or the email may have gotten stuck in junk mail. We’ll be more than happy to re-send you the confirmation email for your records.

Why should I submit for these rankings?

Agents may use their rankings and respective logos in their marketing and on their websites. Those on our rankings represent the top 1% of all real estate professionals nationwide. REAL Trends will provide a FREE press kit to use for marketing. In 2017, there were over 500,000 pageviews on our rankings pages. Our rankings provide added exposure for agents and teams, including exclusive partnerships that allow agents and teams included on The Thousand and America’s Best to gain more exposure to consumers.

Does REAL Trends offer a Marketing Package?

Yes, due to popular demand, upon release of the rankings, REAL Trends will offer an affordable 2018 Marketing Package for a flat-fee of $199. For more details visit us at: www.realtrends.com/rankings/agent/

REAL Trends wants your input

Should you have any ideas regarding ways we can add value for the agents and teams who make these final prestigious rankings we would like to hear from you. Email us at [email protected].