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The race to become real estate’s “Amazon”

Livian’s Adam Hergenrother on the race to become real estate’s “Amazon”

Study: It’s true, real estate teams outperform brokerage firms

Surveyed real estate team gross margins were an average of 61.8% compared to an average of 13.8% for real estate brokerage firms.


Buyer Activity Continued its Late Season Surge Across United States

Data from ShowingTime revealed double-digit showings per listing in multiple cities in the West including Ogden, Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah, while similar increases were recorded in Washington, D.C., Arlington & Alexandria, Va., and Worcester, Mass.

ShowingTime, the residential real estate industry’s leading showing management and market stats technology provider, found that December’s usual seasonal slowdown was reversed in 2020, with showing traffic across the country surging 63.5 percent year-over-year as buyers had more on their minds than just shopping for gifts.

“Of the 20 cities recording the heaviest showing traffic, all but three also had month-over-month increases. This is not what anyone expected, but 2020 was anything but normal,” said ShowingTime President Michael Lane. “In December, Ogden and Provo were up 122 percent and 123 percent, respectively, compared to 2019. Denver had more than twice the average number of showings per listing, as did Colorado Springs.

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“While the year was a challenge for everyone, we’ve seen consumers in many markets make up for lost time shopping for homes. The industry adapted quickly, with the data suggesting the positive momentum will continue, so we’re excited to help clients respond to the sustained demand.”

For the second consecutive month the West Region saw the most significant year-over-year increase in showing activity, with a jump of 82.1 percent. The South followed with a 69.7 percent increase, with the Midwest’s 61.1 percent uptick and Northeast’s 60.4 percent climb rounding out the gains.

“2020 proved to be a tumultuous year, yet so far across the U.S. we continue to see increased levels of demand concentrated on a dwindling set of available listings,” said ShowingTime Chief Analytics Officer Daniil Cherkasskiy. “Year-over-year increases are at historically high levels, especially on the West Coast, and although December’s stats are more likely to be distorted by weather and other factors, the trajectory we’ve seen in 2020 points to continued upward pressure on prices in the next few months.”

The ShowingTime Showing Index is compiled using data from more than six million property showings scheduled across the country each month on listings using ShowingTime products and services. The Showing Index tracks the average number of appointments received on active listings during the month.

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