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One Wedding and A Down Payment

Feb 13, 2018 10:05:49 AM

According to CNN, the average cost of a wedding these days is $35,329. Yes, you read that correctly, $35 G's (Thanks a lot Pinterest....).  If you are shocked by this number, you are not alone!  In fact, due to this statistic many betrothed couples are weighing their options.

Option 1 - Spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding celebration.


Option 2 - Pocket the money and put the savings towards traveling, a house down payment, or student loans. The latter being a wise, but not-so-popular choice.

Owners.com identified the top cities where the cost of a wedding is equal or sometimes more than a down payment on a home. Hmm...decisions, decisions. After looking at the below infographic - which option would you choose?

Source: Owners.com

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