Video for Events

REAL Trends has been trying to incorporate more video into our company’s marketing. For this year’s Gathering of Eagles, we made a few videos that marketed why one should attend. We also produced videos that featured each day’s agenda and a sponsor thank you video.


Do you have an event coming up and need a way to tell people about it? Here are a few ideas:


  • Make a video about why someone should attend the event. Release it a few months before the event date. The video should include the highlights, such as information about the key speaker or an interesting workshop or social event.


  • At the event, have a video agenda playing on a loop so people can see plan their schedules easily.


  • If you have footage from events from previous years, make a quick video using that footage as a way of saying, “See how much fun we had; do you want to miss out?”


Video can help in marketing events and highlight important or interesting information. Of course, you’ll want to ensure there are TVs or projectors at the venue so your videos can be seen.


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