Video Developments

It’s been just under 150 years since the video camera was invented. Over the last 150 years, the video camera has become so advanced that what used to take five people to operate with only enough film for 10 seconds of footage, now can be used effectively by even the most novice photographer or videographer. How can we improve from where we are today?


Here are some potential trends.

  1. Demise of 3D. We’ve heard about an easy-to-use home 3D camera being brought to market soon. 3D movies have been around for almost 100 years, with popularity waning and waxing through the years. Right now, 3D is popular, but REAL Trends predicts it will soon i fall out of favor because it doesn’t add anything to the movie-going experience.
  2. Video Editing. New video editing software will make it easier than ever to make videos. IMovie is probably the easiest software to use. And, it’s been around for years.
  3. Smaller file sizes. Video file sizes will need to be compressed to a smaller size, allowing more and longer videos to be posted online with having to worry about size restrictions.


Nobody knows how or when, but one day there will be an invention that changes everything.


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