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Why A Quality Website Has Never Been More Important

Home buyers search the internet for local brokerages and real estate professionals to help them make important financial decisions about buying a new home. They’re looking for a local source who will guide them through this process and make the experience as smooth as possible from beginning to end.

Having an attractive, engaging quality website has never been more important so that these home buyers discover you—the local source to guide them. After all, your website is competing with other local brokerages and, more importantly, portal websites, which tend to dominate the search results. If a user finds your brokerage through search or social media, and your website doesn’t draw them in, it’s safe to assume they will click away and move onto the next brokerage or portal. It’s crucial to keep visitors on your website as it’s nearly impossible to compete with the portal websites from a functionality and usability standpoint.

First Impressions Mean Everything

As a consumer looking to turn to a trusted brokerage/agent for this life-changing transaction, the trust factor must be built immediately with your audience. Why is this important in regards to a website? A website is typically the FIRST interaction a potential customer will have with your brokerage.

Quality Website

If the visitor is not sold on your brokerage’s vision right away, there will, without a doubt, be more money walking out the door than coming in. Think of your website as your digital storefront and showroom. People are looking at it and forming an opinion about the brokerage based on it.

What Makes Up a Quality Website?

A quality website is clean, attractive, user-friendly, well-organized, easy to navigate, modern, well-branded and visually appealing. It motivates visitors to engage and take action upon landing. Information such as brokerage values, culture, contact information and chat features should be extremely easy to find and give visitors the first impression for which they are looking.

Empowering the visitor to take action on your website is the ultimate goal. No matter what page they’re engaging with at any time, you want to them to make that next click and navigate through your website.

A quality website is meant to give your potential customers exactly what they’re looking for and makes it beneficial to them. Think about the best ways to give your customers the most enjoyable experiences and provide them with the value they’re after. The easier and more enjoyable you make interacting with your brokerage through your website; the more inclined visitors will be to stick around, trust your brand and, ultimately, reach out to your brokerage to help them.

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