Three Popular Sources for Real Estate Information


From the moment you start your day, your brain is flooded with information. Whether it’s the morning television news, email on your mobile device or the random video see through your social media feed, you are being inundated with data. Cutting through the noise and honing in on what is important to you and your business is key to maintaining the focus that is imperative to success.


For many, the challenge isn’t spending the time it takes to digest the right data; the challenge is in knowing which sources of information take precedence. In a recent survey by REAL Trends, we found three top categories where agents found information that was most useful to their business. In a time of online obsession, the answers aren’t necessarily what you would expect.


  1. Company Office Meetings

Company office meetings were cited as the most valuable source of information, especially when it comes to understanding current trends and new technologies. From our experience with several brokerages across the country, attendance remains a challenge. If you’re an agent who has skipped out on the last few office meetings, invest that hour of your day. If you’re a broker, help your sales associates sort through the noise and point them to the key trends, changes and news.


  1. Associations

In our survey, local/state associations ranked second regarding sources used to stay current on real estate trends, followed by the National Association of Realtors®. We see a lot of state and local associations doing whatever they can to boost agent engagement. They offer everything from free classes and events featuring some of the brightest minds in real estate to posting infographics on social media that help real estate professionals understand changes that impact their business.


  1. Colleagues

Our colleagues are often a great source of information because they care about the same stuff as us. Your peers off a rich resource that is best tapped in person through daily interaction at the office, company office meetings, property tours, networking events, and even with the agent on the other side of the transaction. If your time on-site is limited, share among colleagues through an intranet, a communication app, or a private Facebook group.


Next time you’re in the midst of content overload, step back and refocus your attention to the top three info sources. For the sake of your business and your overall mental well-being, everything else can wait.


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