Thank You: 30 Years of Sharing and Collaborating

Thank you to the executives who shared their expertise with us.
by Steve Murray, publisher

This issue marks the end of our first 30 years of publishing our REAL Trends Newsletter. Times have changed. Where we initially published the newsletter monthly in a printed fashion; today it is published online. Back then, we had 2,000 readers of the print publication. Today, we have over 30,000 readers of all our publications. Then, we were a subscription-based newsletter. Today, we are an advertising-supported publication company.

While we want to thank our readers; we also want to thank the hundreds of industry leaders who have shared their time to give us their stories, opinions and thoughts. Without these relationships, REAL Trends would not exist. While industry trends and strategies are vastly entertaining and interesting, it’s the people who have made it fascinating and enjoyable.

For this, we remain sincerely thankful. To all who have willingly shared their time and thoughts with us, thank you.

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