web design

Importance of Web Design : Facts & Stats!

Importance of Web Design Web design and the importance of establishing a well curated website in today’s…

Reasons For High Bounce Rate

5 Reasons For High Bounce Rate On Your Website

Reasons For High Bounce Rate Does it seem like visitors are coming to your site…

Tom Ferry International Partners with Contactually

Tom Ferry International announces the debut of the Tom Ferry CRM Powered by

build real estate backlinks

Build Real Estate Backlinks: What Every Real Estate Professional Needs to Know

Why Build Real Estate Backlinks? In today’s world, one of the battlefronts to build real estate backlinks online lies in…

real estate website vendor

Choosing a Real Estate Website Vendor vs. Local Company

Real estate website vendor selection is a lengthy process and one that should certainly not be overlooked. The most…


It’s Time To Up Your Referral Strategy Game

“The greatest compliment I can receive is a referral.” This is the sentence you find included in the email signature…

technology vendor

Does Your Technology Vendor Care About You?

The key to running a successful real estate business isn’t in the size of your brokerage or how much…


SEO Myths & Misconceptions

REAL Trends SEO Specialist Brent Driggers talks about the biggest lies in search engine optimization (SEO). Learn about…

SEO Tools

The SEO Tools You Need To Help Your Website

This article and more website information can be found in the SEO Tools Chapter of the 2018 Online Performance…

brokerage to-do list

Real Estate Brokerage “To-Do” List

Real estate brokerages are always looking for better ways to stay organized and streamline processes. Much like people, when…

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