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Why Are Millennials Delaying Homebuying?

Millennial Outlook Tempered Despite Strong U.S. Economy EY Releases Results of Second National Poll Exploring Millennial Views on Economic Future,…


Millennials Are the Largest Group of Home Sellers

Contrary to your assumptions, seller concessions and price cuts are the norm even as home values continue to rise,…

Student Loan Debt

Student Loan Debt Is Major Obstacle to Buying a Home

America at Home Survey: Summary of Results Recently, NeighborWorks America released highlights from its sixth annual national housing survey….

Generation Z

Will Generation Z Revolutionize the Housing Market?

More Optimistic Than Millennials, Generation Z Is Here to Revolutionize the Housing Market To better understand the difference…

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Millennial Home Buying Jitters Increase Due to Credit Concerns and More

Millennials housing confidence and enthusiasm plummet to record low in latest ValueInsured Modern Homebuyer Survey Millennials’ perceived value in buying…


Were We Wrong About Millennials?

Studies Show Millennial Buyers Are Ready To Ditch Downtown Living For The ‘Burbs Were we wrong about Millennials? The short…

moving stress

Two Thirds of Americans Stay In Current Home Due To Moving Stress

Two-Thirds of Americans Say They Would Likely Move If It Wasn’t Such a Hassle The month of May marks the…

Baby Boomer Housing Empire

How Millennials Are Threatening The Baby Boomer Housing Empire

They say to raise a child from birth to the age of 18, a parent will spend approximately


Millennials Spend 45% of Their Income on Rent

We all know Millennials. They’re the resourceful, creative youngsters who grew up with the latest technology and who are…

Millennial Homebuyers

5 Tips To Sell To A Younger Crowd

Understanding Millennial Homebuyers Will Help You Market to Them Millennials are those young adults who were born between…



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