gen z

Should Real Estate Professionals Bother Email Marketing to Gen Z?

How to Capitalize on Gen Z Online Behavior

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: The Real Estate Version

Influencer Marketing The Real Estate Version. Influencer marketing has been around seemingly forever; yet, most real estate professionals have been…


Brokerage Marketing: Who Should Be the Branding Machine?

Who Should Be the Branding Machine? It’s time your agents were a powerful marketing force. Your agents have left the barn!…


Take Control of Your Data for Today’s Real Estate Marketing

Why It’s Important To Take Control Of Your Data In Today’s Marketing By Scott East, Co-Author Cuttlefish Marketer: The Five Essential Traits of…

Real Estate Marketing

10 Knock-Your-Socks-Off Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Finding new and creative ways to market your listings and yourself can be exhausting! Here are 10 real estate marketing…

Real Estate Signage: How to Create Signs That Sell

Real Estate Signage: How to Create Signs That Sell Real estate signs say more about you and your residential or…

hyper local real estate marketing

Hyper Local Real Estate Marketing: Time to Get on Board

Hyper local real estate marketing is finally catching on with the big portal websites. Whether or not your…

Stay Top of Mind With This Content Strategy

Community-Centric Blog Strategy Think of the blogs that you like to read. Are they strictly about real estate? Probably not….

Lose A Listing

How To Lose A Listing in Three Ways

My parents, a couple in Northern Wisconsin are in the process of selling their vacation home. Like many vacation homes, selling…

katie lance

Social Media and Content Marketing with Katie Lance

Last month, REAL Trends social outreach manager Nikki Lindholm, went on Facebook LIVE with special guest Katie Lance,…



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