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How a Brokerage Rebounded With Leads

SPONSORED CONTENT How a Brokerage Rebounded With Leads

Challenges of Brokerage 

 Has the Day of Reckoning Arrived? The Looming Challenges of Brokerage 

A few observations on new competition, cost of agent retention and more  The gross margin for the average brokerage firm…

brokerage to-do list

Real Estate Brokerage “To-Do” List

Real estate brokerages are always looking for better ways to stay organized and streamline processes. Much like people, when…

Guaranteed Sale Program

Watson Realty Corp. Introduces New Guaranteed Sale Program

 Watson Realty Corp. recently introduced a way to reduce risk for customers looking to sell their home with its…

John Peyton

John Peyton: The Impact of Brokerage Tech and the Aging Broker Population

Realogy Franchise Corp. President and CEO John Peyton touches…

Rob Hahn, Notorious R.O.B.: On Controversial Views

Rob Hahn is known for his stream-of-consciousness–style blog. Listen in as Tracey Velt, editor-in-chief of…

500 Insights

The 500 Insights Podcast Series

Earlier this month the REAL Trends 500 Brokerage Rankings Report was released. The brokerage firms featured within this…

The Profitability of Brokerage Firms

The Profitability of Brokerage Firms

The Profitability of Brokerage Firms Are there problems with broker profitability? By Steve Murray, President In other recent news, there continues to…

The Zillow Challenge

  Will Zillow eventually replace the real estate brokerage? Steve Murray, president and CEO of REAL Trends, discusses Zillow and…

What’s Going on with Real Estate Brokerage Profitability?

  With national gross margin, average commission rates and agent productivity declining, what is going on in real estate? Should…

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