Social Media Business Pages: Pros & Cons

What makes measuring social media success so difficult is the simple fact that what works for one individual or real estate professional may not work for another. Case in point, the business page vs. personal page debate. Some brokerages don’t have a preference over what their agents use and some brokerages prefer strictly business pages over personal. There isn’t a right or wrong decision.

To help with the decision, we’ve provided a Facebook Business Page pros and cons list below and also a slightly different option to those who are ready for something more!



  • Setting up a business page is free! When was the last time you got something for your business that was free?
  • The set-up is easy, and you are able to invite your friends, family and clients to like your page to build a following.
  • You can advertise on your business Facebook page. You can’t do this extensively on your personal page. You may set up as many campaigns as you want for listings, open houses, customer testimonials, people to like your page and more. Also, you may advertise for a small amount per day and can target a specific audience to get your content in front of the right people.
  • The data analysis insights are great for those who want to dive deeper into campaign and post performance. Not only can you see engagement, clicks and activity on your boosted posts and campaigns but also on regular everyday posts.
  • Creating a Facebook Business page may reduce the amount of people who unfollow or hide your page due to the fact you only use it for business.




  • When you create a new Facebook Business page, you are starting from scratch. Your followers from your personal page are not fans of your business page automatically even though you must have a personal page to create a business page.
  • Rebuilding your audience and followers can take time and effort on your part. You can run a ‘Like My Page’ campaign to help drive traffic to this page or invite certain people to like your page, but expect this to take some time.
  • Know that when you create a Facebook Business page you can’t just ‘set it and forget it.’ Having a business page is a commitment, and it’s wise to have a content strategy in place so you know when and what to post to engage with your followers. You need to manage this page just like you manage your other marketing endeavors.
  • It can be difficult to interact with your followers unless they comment and engage first.


Consider a Facebook Group

If you’re not a fan of having a separate business page, there is another option—create a Facebook Group. Many of you are already in one, whether it be an entrepreneurial group, book club, garage sale group or other. Groups allow you to invite people to a page that is run by an individual or a group to start discussions, share content and post together. The great thing about creating a group is that you may still name the group something related to real estate or your business and be the lead in the group—portraying your expertise but allowing others to interact with you and each other.


Again, there are no right or wrong decisions, just preference. Look into what option suits your brokerage best. Visit the REAL Trends business pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn for more insight!

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