Snapchat in Real Estate? Yes!

Snapchat is a constant in the social media game right now, especially with the younger generations. Social influencer and entrepreneur extraordinaire Gary Vaynerchuk said, “Marketers need to start using what is popular right now, not six months from now; not five years from now.”

Right now, Snapchat is one of the world’s hottest social media mediums and it is being ignored by professionals.

The question is, how does this app apply to real estate? Will sales associates close deals using the Snapchat face filter? Who knows? What we do know sale associates are successful using Snapchat now to market themselves.


The thing about Snapchat is that it’s a long-term game. This social media platform likely will not close deals any faster or connect with your clients like you can on Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is a way to build your brand, market your personality, your work ethic,  your day-to-day.  Over time you can build up your knowledge as a local real estate expert using this app while connecting with the next generation of home buyers.

Here are some practical ways you can use Snapchat to further your business and build your brand:

  1. Open house tours. Using the app, you can create and show your Snapchat friends open house tours using the “my story” part of the app. Take pictures of key property features, the master bedroom, outside deck view, the big luxurious bathtub, etc.   If one of your friends is interested, he or she can contact you via the app to want more details.
  2. Educating the consumer. This is where you need to leverage your knowledge as the expert on all things home related using “my story.” You want to provide short and simple tips that are consumer-focused. Some ideas: you at Home Depot talking about the RING doorbell. Or, offering how-to tips about qualifying for a mortgage. People will remember you and be impressed when you are educating and not just selling.
  3. Local community coverage. As the local expert, this is a great platform for you to show people what it would be like if they lived in a specific community. Snap video and pictures to “my story” the depict a day in the life. Highlight parks, schools, great restaurants, and more. Remember, the marketing rule of thumb, a consumer needs to see and hear your message 7 times before they remember it so by incorporating Snapchat that’s one more interaction you may not have had.
  4. Personal introductions. Snapchat is a powerful one-on-one communication tool. You can leave an amazing impression by sending a personal thank you to each person who adds you to their Snapchat list. Introduce yourself, talk about your career as a real estate expert and how you are willing to help them with questions about the residential real estate. It is the little things like this that will help you stick out over time.



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