Realtor Marketing Trends for 2018

Realtor Marketing Trends for 2018

Marketing is an essential and exciting aspect of running any business. Realtors know that marketing is vital to their success, but what trends are the most important to launch you into the stratosphere?

Here we give a list of the top 4 marketing trends every Realtor must use for 2018. Real estate agents who are not prepared to invest in these trends will fall behind with the rest of the dinosaurs. Read on if you want to get ahead!

1. Social Media and Boosted Posts

With the rise of paid advertising on social media, Realtors need to spend some ad dollars promoting their services and properties. Social media is a reality of our everyday lives, and many buyers are using it more frequently to find properties. With all of the tools available to link up and post to all of your social media accounts it is easier than ever to connect with customers. This has become a game changing time saver for both real estate professionals and consumers.

Social media removes much of the legwork to sell a property and content is king. Paid advertising has created more sales through social media than ever before and creates the ability to track leads and sales with powerful analytics tools increasing ROI. For your next property list it on social media and boost your post, spend $100 over the span of a few days and see what leads you generate.

2. Video Marketing

With the use of smartphones and social media, video tours and live streaming are becoming a popular trend to show off a property. Home buyers want to save time and virtual tours provide a solution. It is no longer necessary to physically go into a home to see them. Instead, buyers are relying on real estate agents to provide video in one form or another to help. It is imperative to build a video marketing strategy, before you lose business to other agents who already have one.

Your video marketing needs to be succinct and effective in engaging customers. There are many agents who are not comfortable using video, become one of the one who are and you will see great results.

Try this for your next listing, hop on Facebook or YouTube and do a walkthrough to see how it works for you.

3. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are changing several industries including Real Estate. Realtors across the country are beginning to use virtual reality; however, technology limitations have hindered growth. Many home buyers love using virtual reality to tour homes and as the limitations begin to fade, this technology will develop. The ability to see a property in 3D or to see renovations before work begins will ensure this trend grows in the coming year. As virtual and augmented reality become more commonplace the value to the consumer is that it will save time and money.

4. Drones

Drones provide a unique view of any property. Many clients want to see what they are buying from a different perspective before they purchase.

Drones are a great way to see the true layout of a property. There is only so much that you can observe online or when you physically visit the property. A bird’s eye view gives any listing a “wow” factor that many Realtors are just beginning to take advantage of. This results in more clicks and faster sales. For example, Realtors in Lake Tahoe are taking advantage of the incredible water, dynamic sky, and amazing architecture.

As a realtor, you must invest time and money into marketing your business and these trends will make you stand apart from your competitors. The next time you’re at a property you are selling, whip out that smartphone and do a video tour, get going on Facebook or YouTube live and after you’re done spend some ad dollars promoting your content to the people who are most likely to buy from you. Take action and grow your business today!

Rahul Alim works for Custom Creatives, a digital marketing firm in Los Angeles. Custom Creatives has been helping planners, coordinators and all small businesses grow their business with effective online marketing strategies, design and execution.

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