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I just downloaded this app based on a recommendation from a friend. Cue allows you to “keep up with work, life, and the daily events you care about. Cue turns the accounts you depend on, like email, contacts and calendar, into an intelligent snapshot of your day. Cue surfaces the right details at the right time, so you’ll always be one step ahead.”

Basically, this app manages your calendar, contacts and social media so you have all of the information you need in one place. It takes a while to set up. In fact, I still haven’t finished setting it up. One tip: Set it up online first. It can get a little buggy trying to set it up on your smartphone.

Here’s what LifeHacker had to say about it:

“Calendars can help you keep track of your day, but they don’t always have all the relevant information about a specific event—sometimes that’s stored in your email, or on the social network in which the event was created. Cue automatically grabs information from your cloud services and intelligently turns them into a timeline of your day, containing all the information you need about each event.”

Get it: Cue

For iPhone