At the 2015 Gathering of Eagles, (SAVE THE DATE FOR 2016: April 20-23) one of our panels focused on training and education in the real estate space. We had a top trainer from the largest firm in Canada, who is aggressive on the intellectual investment of training, a representative from Boston Logic, a tech company that is known for great support, an association executive who also runs a boutique brokerage and a member of the Zillow Group who has vast real estate experience. A few takeaways were:


  1. Breakdown your training into bite-sized tasks for your agents. Stick to the 1-3-5 rule. Break the goal down into 3 strategies and 5 tactics. As an example, the goal of implementing a transaction management system should be: to increase your agents’ efficiency when transacting. Three strategies would be: upload forms, create documents, and get signatures. The five tactics should be specific instructions or tasks in these areas.
  2. Training should be broken down into three groups.
    1. High Tech/Early Adopters
    2. The Less Tech Savvy Group
    3. Everybody Else (This one was stressed the least.)
  3. Hold your agents accountable and define metrics for your managers and agents. Communicate with the same system that agents are adopting. Without accountability and data, how can managers train? How can the brokerage gauge ROI?



Technology Tip of the Week: Leadership Meets Technology

At the 2015 Gathering of Eagles, Patrick Lencioni led an exceptional session on leadership, although all of his philosophies apply to your technology and marketing team. One stood out as it is a common issue in our industry. The below graphic illustrates four important steps to optimize your organizational health.


Essentially, these four areas are leading agents and staff in a unified vision of agent adoption and the mission of ROI. Clarity is so important that it is mentioned three times. You must teach and reinforce this to all those involved with your tech and marketing.