Minor Home Upgrades that Make a Major Difference to Buyers


By Zenith Home Finishes


As real estate agents, we know that not every home will be perfect as-is, especially in this competitive housing market. For buyers who are easily put off by a few minor repairs or do not want to go down the “fixer upper” route, homes that don’t appear “perfect” could become a challenge for the real estate agent to work with.


One thing that every seller will have to consider is whether or not to make repairs or renovations before putting their house on the market. In the past, this renovation dilemma was typically determined through a consultation with a contractor, calculating which renovations will yield the best ROI for the seller, and moving forward on a few repairs to make the house more appealing to buyers. In the current housing market however, sellers in locations that are highly competitive (Denver, San Francisco, New York for example) are less likely to make any changes to the house before putting it on the market.


Due to this trend, it is more likely than not that the buyer will have a few repairs or remodels that will need to be done, either before or shortly after moving in. When buyers start nitpicking, they forget that finding the best home for them means the right size, foundation, and location at the right price. Replacing the carpet or a fresh coat of paint are small fixes when you remind the buyer of the bigger picture.


As a real estate professional, understanding minor and cost effective home updates will allow you to know the right qualities to pitch while easing the client’s mind about smaller cosmetic repairs. If applicable, you can discuss the option of a seller concession with your client and educate them on the options available when they see a house that is almost there.


Whether you are working with sellers or buyers, there are a few affordable ways to improve a home and encourage buyers to visualize small repairs and change their perspective from house to home.



  • Paint / Trim



Paint color, both interior or exterior, can change the entire appeal of a home. This may be an easy characteristic to overlook for someone who isn’t emotionally invested, but it sets the tone for the buyer’s first impression. If the home is in need of a fresh coat or two, or the color is just simply out of date, there is the added benefit of the buyer being able to make the home their own; personalizing everything from the front door to the guest bathroom. While painting a home can be a DIY project, the best results will come from hiring a professional for a beautiful and lasting outcome.



  • Indoor Flooring



Flooring has, perhaps, the widest price range when it comes to cosmetic home repairs and improvements. From hardwood flooring to new carpet, there are so many variables that go into updating the floor of a house. The best part, however, is that the price range can be left to the discretion of the buyer as to how extravagant they want to go. Although, never underestimate the dramatic impact of simply installing new carpet or adding an epoxy floor coating to an unfinished basement. This will not only make the home feel fresh and new, but is also a good reminder for the buyer that even on the more affordable end, what they see is not always what they are stuck with.



  • Outdoor Concrete Coatings



It is common to see a home with a pool or an outdoor concrete area that has not been taken care of properly. If there is vegetation overgrowth or cracks in concrete, this can be a turnoff for buyers who can only think about the amount of time and effort it may take to fix and maintain the yard or outdoor area. A fast and easy way to make sure that concrete is manageable for years to come is for the homeowner to use a sealer on any outdoor surfaces. Concrete sealers will protect the surface, especially in harsh climates, making a beautiful and durable outdoor area that everyone will enjoy. For any damage to a concrete area, professional floor sealing and polishing companies will be able to fix and seal the surface for a long lasting effect.  



  • Garage Organization & Updates



A garage is no longer just an extra space for storage and forgotten items; a garage is an extension of a home with endless possibilities. With such a competitive housing market, the price of a smaller home may be higher than most expect, or are able to afford. In suburban neighborhoods, however, it is likely that the homes will have a garage that is being underutilized. With proper storage, cabinets, and wall mounts, the garage can fit more than just your car. People have turned to their garage for an additional tv room, gathering area or even a personal bar. Adding a decorative epoxy floor coating to your garage will not only protect it, but will transform your garage into a true extension of your home without a pricey remodel.


With one or more of these cost effective upgrade recommendations, any buyer will be able to visualize their dream home. We know that not every house is perfect, but as a real estate agent, it is our job to help buyers choose a house that can become their perfect home.


Content provided by Zenith Home Finishes, a painting and flooring contractor based out of Colorado and Minnesota. Zenith Home Finishes was founded in 2009 – it is our mission to bring homeowners the quality workmanship they deserve with service at an affordable price. We are dedicated to ensuring that customer’s individualized needs are fulfilled and that their expectations are met.

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