Realty Executives Talks to Millennial Agents About Their Careers

Unlimited earning potential, flexible hours, and the ability to work from anywhere – a pretty compelling combination for entrepreneurial-minded millennials. We polled millennial real estate agents in the Realty Executives network and found that they are thriving in this space, painting a picture of millennials in the workplace that contradicts common stereotypes about this group.

 We’re finding that millennial agents are taking advantage of the entrepreneurial freedom inherent to real estate to carve out a self-directed career path, raising the bar as they go.



“I have surpassed the majority of my peers and closed more transactions than most seasoned agents in the business,” says 27-year-old Realty Executives agent Eddie Watters. According to NAR the average agent closed 12 transactions last year. Watters closed 96 transactions in 2016 according to the MLS.

As an added benefit, millennial agents can leverage their knowledge of the industry to more easily enter the housing market. Rather than delay homeownership or forgo this life milestone altogether (as their peers are being forced to), they are buying homes and investment properties, as well as building homes and communities. They are using the combination of their real estate knowledge and financial security to build equity and work towards a future where their children won’t be forced to live in their basements.


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