How to Get Amazing Video Testimonials

Ninety percent of consumers say their buying decisions are greatly influenced by positive reviews. Simply put, a good testimonial can do more for your business than most any blog post or social media post could ever do. Hearing from a past client who has had a positive experience working with you will paint a picture for future customers of what to expect when they do business with you. The real question is, how can you get the best video testimonials for you and your business?

The first step is identifying the right people to interview. You obviously want to ask those that have had a great experience working with you or perhaps people with whom you’ve made a personal connection. Once you’ve identified those who will give a good testimonial, ask them specific questions about their experiences, such as

  • What led to your decision to buy or sell your home?
  • What did I do best to help your home sale or search?
  • What could I have done better to help you buy or sell your home?
  • Why did you hire me to represent your home sale/purchase?
  • Describe your experience working with me and my brokerage in one word.
  • Would you recommend my business to others? If so why or why not?

These questions should get you positive feedback from past clients. Invest in a camera and tripod. Consider it an investment that will jumpstart the creation of your video content. Add your logo to the beginning and end of each video testimonial you shoot.

Finally, create a dedicated place on your website to host testimonials. The goal is to make them accessible to future customers. Take the best one and embed it on your homepage. Don’t forget to post your videos on social media as well as using your video testimonials in your email/drip marketing.

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