Get your wheels turning: Cause based marketing.


While this article does not have a direct correlation to real estate brokerages and agents I hope it certainly get’s your wheels spinning. I got an email the other day from the folks at RING Doorbell. If you know me you know I love home automation so naturally I opened it.  Now before you see the email let me lay a little groundwork for you. RING is an aggressive marketing company and you see their TV ads everywhere. RING is one of the single best smart home gadgets you can buy. This week it saved me just as much as it costs with my lawn care company that came to do some spring cleaning and shorted me an hour they were charging me for. RING to the rescue. Enough showering praise, so in this email that caused me to drop everything I was doing and sign up for the offer was the following:


Hi Saxton home,


As a father of a 7 year old boy, I was recently asked to donate some of our products to his school auction. Education is a core pillar of every neighborhood and so I without a doubt said yes. I then realized that we have tons of customers in similar situations — trying to help raise money for their schools, thus creating stronger neighborhoods.


Our mission at Ring is to reduce crime in communities. When used together, Ring Video Doorbell and Stick Up Cam create a full ring of security around your home. We would like to donate a Ring Security Kit to your local school auction. Each kit contains 1 Ring Video Doorbell, 1 Stick Up Cam, 1 Chime and 1 Solar Panel, worth over $450.


To get a kit donated for your local school auction, sign up below to be one of the first 100 people to register your school.



For those of you unfamiliar with Cause Based marketing this is it in its purest example. Tom’s the shoe company does this well with every pair of shoes you buy from them they donate another to a person in need. Stella Artois the beer company is running ads like this for drinking water to underprivileged. Caused based marketing. I don’t even have kids yet (that is changing in less than 30 days!) but I jumped on this to get a kit to donate to my local school.


Why can’t we find a way to make this truly work in real estate? At least I have not seen it in a successful effort yet. Some small things here and there and a few companies to partner with but nothing from a local level. These folks at Give Back Homes may be doing it the best. Check them out at If you are doing something unique in the cause based marketing market please send it to us to feature in our publications to [email protected]



  1. Christine LoBue Reply

    A friend that teaches at a school in our town mentioned this product to me that can be donated for school auctions. My children’s school relies very heavily on our Spring Dinner Auction items to provide the biggest revenue for our school to assist with teachers salaries.

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