Tools for Producing Infographics

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Tools for Producing Infographics
Love infographics but not sure how to design them? If you’re not skilled in Photoshop or InDesign, no worries. There are free websites that offer free, premade templates. You simply pick the graphics and add the copy. There are also websites, such as Animaker, that, for a monthly cost, help you create professional, branded infographics.
Another option is to outsource the project to a site such as or hire a company like Avalaunch to design them for you.

Here are some services:

Animaker: free for basic services, upgraded services available from $9 to $39,

Avalaunch: a full-service media company,

Canva: free,

Fiverr: freelance site to hire designer, rates vary,
Picktochart: free for basic services, upgraded services available,
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