Gadget Lab: LIKELY.AI

From predictive modeling and complicated algorithms to deep learning and artificial intelligence, this new-age lead generation tool is changing lead quality expectations

Brad McDaniel, co-founder and CEO of, recognized that there was a need for smart data in the real estate industry. To combat the issue of lead quality, has done more than optimize lists, and deliver thousands of names and a few dozen solid leads. Instead, has developed a scientifically driven methodology that ties together big data, artificial intelligence and predictive models. datasets encompass not only real estate data but also demographic, psychographic, financial and market data to deliver the most accurate predictions to real estate professionals and lenders. This data predicts when homeowners are likely to sell or refinance, making the technology appealing to both real estate professionals and lenders.

Brad described the need for this type of technology as this, “Agents and real estate professionals aren’t just hiring this type of technology to deliver leads. For the agent desiring more freedom and flexibility, this type of technology allows them to work less.” He adds, “That’s a powerful resource to have in your corner. Other agents are using this tool to help them achieve another level of success—to win more leads and continue to build a business that competes in their market.” Regardless of the reason, this type of technology could change the way real estate professionals spend their time and more importantly, their money.


Being different and bringing something innovative to the market is what is all about. As Brad puts it, is the “fourth generation of marketing. From billboards to online leads to optimized lists, this new level of technology is going to do offline what Google did online—put you front of the right people.” is in a new category of marketing, and we at REAL Trends are anxious to see how their unique business model and advanced data changes the landscape of real estate leads.

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