The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

With the recent news of Facebook robots creating their own language and the constant evolvement of Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots, it’s no wonder that people are questioning what the future of artificial intelligence holds. Despite millions of dollars in investments and countless research, AI is very much in its infancy, and we are far off from the “Skynet” robots of the future.


Nonetheless, the evolvement of technology has impacted the way we live and will continue to do so as it advances; the real estate landscape is no exception. Consumers now have the ability to search homes and sign documents electronically, which has simplified the real estate transaction process.


Imagine a world where computer programs have the capacity to learn your preferences and digest information programmed into them. These programs would siphon listings from the MLS and deliver property suggestions to consumers based on past search queries. OR, AI real estate agents that have the capacity to understand and respond to complex real estate transactions. We’ve already seen the explosion of chatbots on real estate websites and these sophisticated programs will continue to evolve and could automate the lead generation process.


Buying and selling a home is still a very human experience, and until AI can replicate that experience, real estate brokers and agents will continue to play a crucial role in the real estate process.


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