Document Your Loved Ones


Ask a millennial about their life, and they can probably show you day-by-day what they looked from the day they were born. Today’s generation records everything, but that’s not true of the Boomers and other generations. Plus, as sad as it may seem, our families won’t be around forever. So, get their story down. Whether on paper, audio cassette or film, it’s a great way to get to know more about your family members and hear stories you might have never heard before.


I have done this and heard stories from my grandma that made me laugh and surprised me. Stories that even her own son (my father) had never heard. So, grab a smartphone or video camera and ask questions. What they reveal may surprise you.


Take a few hours, interview family members and record them. Let them share their lives, stories, regrets and proudest moments. Generations to come will cherish these historical records.

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